Monday, 15 November 2010

Race Report

Irene Liquifruit 10km

A very early Saturday morning start.  I left home at 4.30 to fetch Louise and then to Nola's house to fetch her and Val.  We were on the road to Irene by 4.50 am. It didn't take long to get there but when we did, we joined a 3 kilometer long queue of slow moving traffic, all making their way to the parking.
A quick walk for another kilometer to get to the start to collect our numbers, connect with other club members and join another very long queue of people waiting to use the toilet.  I skipped the toilet queue, thinking that this race will definitely have porta-loos along the route if I need it later, and I was right. At each water point (on the 10km route) there was a porta-loo. Thanks Irene!! 
I joined some club mates at the start - Kim, Norman and Louise all doing their first 10km race.  I was thrilled to see some fellow runners wearing Luna Sandals (I think) and 2 others barefoot. Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to talk to them, but did get a picture of our feet.  I hope to catch up with them at another race.

Once the race started, we walked for the first 620 metres as there just wasn't enough space to run.  We eventually got going, altho' not very quickly. The deal was to run with Louise as this was her first 10km race and she wasn't confident in her abilities. We had promised to stick with her and walk when she wanted to walk and run when she wanted to run.  The first watering point was great - there was music playing, there was a porta-loo and there was loads on Liquifruit on offer as well as the usual water sachets.  It was the first time that I had Liquifruit instead of Coke and I did enjoy it.  We walked about 3 times outside of the watering points but not for very long.  We past a few people that we knew, chatted, moved on and generally had a very sociable run. 
We finished in a very slow time of 1:17:03 (according to my watch, which I started before the start line but after the gun went).  The time wasn't important - it was about getting Louise to the finish line while enjoying herself - which she did!

I dropped my tag that qualified me for a t-shirt and I was very upset about it.  I love getting t-shirts!! These t-shirts were a great green colour and would've look great on me
;-)  I did get my medal and that will just have to do until next year.


Johann said...

Well done! Sounds like a successful race for all...except your t-shirt:( Irene always have a great race. I haven't done a 10km race for nearly two years now. Better get one done soon. Have a great week!

Char said...

Pity about the t-shirt. I hate missing out on free stuff.