Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Tidbit Tuesday

A great video showing the experience of another making his huaraches. I love that we can use the skills of others (in this case, making an entertaining video) while we do what we are good at (still perfecting my list ;-))

I followed the same process but I didn't burn myself (I lit a candle and did the necessary burning over the candle).

I also referenced the website (http://www.invisibleshoe.com/) for lacing and tying instructions, altho' I used a desktop. The process now is quick and easy but was a little frustrating the first time I did it.


Johann said...

Great video! I can imagine you need some experience before this becomes easy and without frustrations.

Ewa said...

Funny. Is he checking his iphone for e-mails or instructions?

Chris K said...

I tried making my own Newton shoes but it didn't work :-)