Monday, 6 September 2010

Race Report

Rotary Spring Charity Walk and Fun Run
(Modderfontein Nature Reserve)
It started with great signage directing us to the parking, almost from when we got off the hi-way. Then there were friendly people directing us to safe and secure and organised parking on the field. The entries tables were clearly marked. The start was a casual affair, explanations given about correct disposal of litter as we were running thru a reserve. Friendly marshals along the route, clearly marked route and most important of all - TOILETS AT EVERY WATER TABLE!! We loved that and are very grateful - Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for A well organised event.
Karen and I ran together and half a km into the run The Saturday School were calling me from behind. We ran with Jordy either just ahead or just behind us until the end.

The route included tar, stones, sand and jeep tracks as well as a short path thru' the bush. I really enjoy the off-road sections. It reminds me to run light, take short steps and pay attention to where I place my feet. I was also so surprised that this venue is less than a 15 minute drive from my house and I didn't know it existed. I would like to run here again during the summer to see what it looks like when we've had some rain. I also noticed that it was very quite - didn't hear the birds that I thought took up residence here. Maybe they've moved on since the Gautrain construction started?
We took it easy, stopping for the toilet (YAY!), stopping for Karen to collect pretty stones and for her to take not so pretty stones out of her shoe. People often ask if I get stones under my feet because I am wearing sandals, but it is because I am wearing open shoes that the stones come in, I become aware of it/them, and then they move out. Occassionally, I have been required to stop and flap the heel of my sandal to get the stone out.
After the run, we joined Norman, Penny, Nichola amongst others, for a picnic. Penny made her delicious egg/mayo sarmies and we had chips and biscuits and coffee. We also got fruity-ice-lollies from the vendor. Unfortunately Val couldn't find us, hiding out in the shade at the far end of the soccer field, so she didn't join us :-(

All finishers got a good looking medal, I might just make it into a keyring.
Great Day Had By ALL!!

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