Monday, 30 August 2010

Race Report

Matthews Motshwarateu 10km, Wanderers
Sunday 29 August

Another good race all round.

The route overlapped some of the Old Eds race and I recognised a few roads as I ran them, but I wouldn't be able to take you along the route again (That's why we have the Garmin GPS). The race was well organise, good watering points, good km sign boards and a great number of people.

My moving time shows 1.03.51 but my time on the official clock at the finish was 1.05.31. I am not sure why people only start running when they go under the start banner. Even tho' there were alot of people and you weave left and right around them for the first km or so, you might as well start running when the gun signals the start of the race. Anyway, I was looking to run in 65 minutes and I managed that.

Just after the 6km watering point I caught up with Jordy and ran to the end with him. I think that if I wasn't running with him, I wouldn't have made my time. It's quite likely that I would've been slower in the last kilo.
I love the conversations that take place between the runners and couldn't imagine running with an ipod. (More discussion to follow)
Waited for Maria and Norman to finish and watched more finishers come in for another hour, entered the Carnival City Half Marathon, chatted with Bruce and Gill and bought a cream soda from Moosa, before returning home.

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