Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Comrades 2011 Entries Opened Today

The entries for the 2011 "UP" run opened today and will close when 18000 entries have been received or on November 30, whichever is reached first.

According to a number of posts on the runnersworld forum , it hasn't been an easy or straightforward process to register online. You can enter at any Mr Price store, at Comrades House in 'Maritzburg, and even post your entry. I don't imagine that the quota will be reached in the first day, given that a large number of people don't / wont have access to the internet, so a manual entry will work for most. A couple of glitches on the first day isn't a big problem and I'm sure Comrades are working to sort it out asap as they are a very well run and professional organisation.
I didn't have a problem entering online, I just can't believe I did it. I had said that I will make up my mind on Spring Day whether or not I will enter the race and in trying to help my dad get his entry in, I figured I'm on the site, I've registered, why not enter. SO, I HAVE ENTERED THE COMRADES 2011 UP RUN!! (and I haven't told anybody except thru' this blog). In the meantime, my dad didn't manage to do his entry but it appears he had security issues on his computer at work so he will enter from his home computer.
Now, watch this space as I run and run and run and run and run and run ....

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